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Ano Trikala

Corinthia Greece

Po. Co. 20400



Activities in the area of Trikala!

Mountainous Corinthia, an earthly paradise, unfolds before you to offer pleasure not just for the eyes, but to excite your other senses as well. Besides the beautiful nature that will enchant you, it can offer you a variety of activities that combine relaxation with entertainment, creating an ideal destination for short trips. Enjoy nature and leave your concerns behind.

Wonderful landscape

Lake Doxa

Lake Doxa is an artificial lake, 40′ drive from Trikala. It is located on a 900m altitude and was created in the late 90’s. In the center of the lake, in a plateau, stands the little church of Agios (Saint) Fanourios. On the lake’s shore there is also Saint George’s abbey. Lake Doxa is surrounded by a pine forest..

Games in the snow

Ziria’s ski center

On mount Ziria’s plateau (or Killini), on a 1500m altitude, only 10km from the rapidly developed Corinthia’s Trikala tourist resort and very close from Athens as well as Patra, there is Ziria’s ski center since 2007. It’s one of the newest ski centers in the country, the closest to Attiki and it is ideal for beginners and families with children who want to take ther first steps in skiing.


Lake Stymfalia

Lake Stimfalia is located on the mountain Corinthia, which became known from Hercules who performed one of its 12 feats, the 6th, with the Stimfalian hens, that is “the birds of Stimalia”, which were man-eating birds with bronze beaks, claws and wings. The ancient findings were discovered by the Canadian archeologist, professor Hector Williiams. Walking around the area you will find ruins of houses, a theater, a little Temple and an Acropolis.

It is worth visiting the Stymphalia Museum of Art!


Hiking in paths

The fans of nature and hiking have the opportunity to enjoy many hiking trails in the mountainous Corinthia. They can conquer the peaks of Mount Zireia, be enchanted by the valley of Flampouritsa, walk by the lake Stymfalia, meet rare species of the animal kingdom and wander next to rare mountain vegetation and abundant water.


Lake Dasiou

At 3.7 km from the Ziria Ski Center, we see Dasiou Lake in front of us. The Dasiou Lake is formed by the waters flowing here from the surrounding peaks of Mount Ziria. Around it there are many firs, while the whole area is overgrown. The mild dirt road passes by the lake gives the visitor a very good view. It is worth noting that here in the winter the landscape becomes alpine, as the snow floods the area and the lake freezes.

Buggy ride in Ziria

Explore Ziria

Experience the thrill of driving in mountainous landscapes with 4X4 vehicles, where you get an adrenaline rush. You can walk, ride horses and mountain bikes, wander to unexplored trails with snow mobiles, enjoy the snow and, of nature.


Horse riding

Enjoy an ever-increasing set of activities that are associated with the mountain and leave behind everything you care about with a qualified riding companion & staff for maximum safety. In the facilities of the Free Horse Riding Center you will find calm and friendly horses for your walk in the surrounding ravines and snowy slopes of Zireia, a pony to familiarize children with the noble Olympic horse riding sport, as well as facilities and special equipment for archery.